Sunday, February 22, 2009

1200 hits!

Thanks to all readers for your interest. 

Have had over 1200 hits in the last 3 weeks.

Would love some more feed back, so please indulge in a comment or two. 


So all you hard core fix-heads think the monochrome look is pretty original ah? Sorry, but grandpa was onto it as a young'n too.

Actually, there were a few stories from the crew about their crazy track bike riding when they were younger. They reckon though, that in those days there were so few cars on the roads, it was relatively safe.

Help ID?

Phil has an old bike which can't be identified. The only distinguishing marks are these diamonds.

Can anybody out there help with a possible ID?

Wooden rims

These would only have been used on the track. Not really suitable for applying brakes to. 

I have seen images of bamboo rims.

Blackman track/road

This Blackman was given to a club member. Note the double drop-outs, one for road and one for track. It came with wooden rims (above).

....and then a bit of spit n polish.

They come in like this....

Gordonson tracky

This is my favorite in Peter's collection.

Tour de Rust

The tour of 3 WAHCC members' sheds was a hoot! Unfortunately, my photography was a bit 'off' this morning and I didn't end up with many good shots.

There's somewhat of an art to shooting bikes as there's not a lot to them. Picture trying to photograph a wire coat hanger for example. Unless you have access to a blank backdrop , they tend to disappear into the background.

Anyway, above is a snap of the crew checking out Allan's frame collection.

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