Sunday, January 25, 2009

Speedlite - Maylands WA

While at Off The Wall, I had a quick squizz at this old Speedlite (made locally in Maylands). It's a track frame, bit bent, but destined for a re-build.

 It's weird, we don't really live in much of a culture of manufacture. How much of what you own was made in Australia, let alone in a suburb near you? Associating the production of a bike with a local suburb is just - odd! Before WW 2, there were dozens of bike makers in WA  and hundreds across Oz.  Will have some contacts for the WA Historical Cycle Club up soon.

On the wall @ Off The Wall

If you click on this pic (all of them blow up if you click on 'em) , you should be able to get some info from the sign.

Churchill at Off The Wall

Will try to collect some detail on this upon revisit.

Off The Wall

'Off The Wall' is a 'retro stuff' shop at:  6 Market St Fremantle. WA 6160 Ph: (08) 9336 4435. They stock some tres cool bikes including vintage. I stuck my camera in the door just as they shutting today for a couple of quickies, but have been invited back to have a look....out the back! Stay tuned for some more goodies. 

Road stencil - South Tce. South Fremantle

Bird's eye

Flat out!

As mentioned earlier (Jan 18) Whitey has had a couple of modifications: stumpy flat bars and toe clips. The toe clips are a pain when walking the bike.... they scrape the ground!

better shot

Didn't really do justice to Aidan's choice of colour with those last shots...looked a bit military-grey. There's deep undertone of bluey-magenta in the colour.

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