Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blue 2

Blue Bike

The frame has no name but I was told it is Italian, nonetheless it rides really well. The parts are a mixture of Shimano, Cinelli, Velocity, Campo and Profile Design...it's not a pista ..but a 'bitsa' (bits of this and bits of that). As the frame had recently been painted when I got it I left all of the braze-on bit in tact. Fixies are a revelation in riding for me and I enjoy every moment riding it. Gearing is 46:17 for those interested and suits our terrain very well.


Orange 2

Orange Bike

GT Force frame which started life as a 7 speed roadie. The frame is the only part left-everything else has been replaced. The frame is early 90's and very unusual here so that's another reason to pimp it. All alloy parts have been polished,and the frame painted in 2 pack auto paint by a friend. Bullhorns and stem are Nitto, Cranks are Shimano, Seat is Fizik, Wheels are Alex and drive ratio is 46:17 with Surly cog.I had the front wheel relaced to radial style by my mentor at LBS (Georges Bikes-Willeton). This bike has had bars changed 3 times now but that’s it! It rides as good as it looks (to me anyway).

Ray has sent me some pix of his bikes. He says: ….."Going back to single speed etc. takes me back to the beginning as a kid when that's all there was. Then we seemed to complicate from there on. KISS is better philosophy I think."


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