Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shogun zoom

New project

This frame is off at the powder coaters. Doing this one on the cheap for Aidan (Check his blog for skate pix! ) . 
Will have my first go at a wheel build - installing a coaster hub.


First fixy by sixtyonesixty

The result

So I built this for my son with his assistance and advice. 

Santa stuffed a couple of Velicty wheels in the stocking this year. 

The bike has already been modified since these shots. The boy has dropped on toe clips and some flat bars (told him to at the outset...) He's planning on a pair of white BMX grips. 

It's still a work in progress. When I smash the piggy bank next, I'll invest in a fancy crank set.

Got the bike on    number:  8,823

Lumps and bumps removed

$10 frame

This is my first go at a blog, so this upside down thing is doing my head in! I'll get a web site up eventually.

So I spent $10 on this Ricardo frame and removed the cable-stays and the bits that hold on the mudguards.

Modified single speed...too many lumps and bumps

Taking tentative steps towards fixed-wheel, I bought this free-wheeler for my son. The bike was restored by a bloke called George who has 'got it bad'. He's retired and has pimped out bikes for his neighbours, local kids, couriers and hard core racers.  It was cheap!  I made some modifications including replacing the hand brakes with a coaster brake and chomping down the bars. Still had too many bumps on it though. This convinced me to have a go at one from scratch.

The bike during renovation

Raleigh decal


lawsuit funding