Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Latest Perth cycle gear trends

Further….”We had a great ride on a beautiful Perth morning.

Had a coffee in South Terrace, Freo last weekend and was surprised as to the number of fixies that rode past. So good to see the numbers increasing.

The 'dude' is an Anglican bishop... Bishop Hale..of HALE SCHOOL fame. The Cloisters building apparently was the original site of HALE SCHOOL, which is now located in Wembley Downs area (since 1961) after a number of sites between. It was originally called the "Bishops School' and was opened in June 1858.” 

Nice snap. Thanks Ray!

The fixie bishop

Ray writes:

“We went for a ride around the city on Sunday morning..early..and stopped at Cloisters to take some shots, with the assistance of a very affable gentleman who offered his support.

The frame is a SOMA 'RUSH' purchased new and colour is a pearl white. Ellis added a bmx crank and chainring, purchased the Velocity rims and built the wheelset around a pair of beautiful PROFILE RACING hubs. Ellis prefers riser bars and a Fizik saddle. This is a great build and rides so well. The drive train includes a Surly cog and the gearing is 46:17..very cruisy indeed.

Ellis is a very good mechanic and great mentor to me, and has always offered valuable advice. I attempt to do most things myself on my bikes, but everything is not always possible...see Ellis.”   


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