Saturday, March 28, 2009


The Peugeot has emerged, looking tres vintage in 'Claret'. (Not sure I'd be drinking any wine that colour, let alone something labeled 'claret'). Couldn't resist the white rims; kinda white-wall tire-like.
I'm very happy with the outcome (still some fine tuning to do), but it's been a prick of job! 

I've owned a number of Renaults (cars) in my time and frankly, the French , like the Italians, should stick to design and food and leave engineering to the Germans and Japanese. I'm still struggling to find a crank bearing set that actually fits properly. The steering shaft, seat posts and handle bar clamp (and bolt) are all NOT universal, so I'm going to be limited in what I can use. 

I've invested in my first real single-speed chain ring. I'm not into brand names on my bikes, but I like it!


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