Sunday, February 22, 2009

1200 hits!

Thanks to all readers for your interest. 

Have had over 1200 hits in the last 3 weeks.

Would love some more feed back, so please indulge in a comment or two. 


  1. I'll comment. I love your blog. I saw the link on FGG and just read all of the entries here. Beautiful photos, and the bikes...nice! Not what I get to see here in Iowa, USA, that's for sure. Keep at it:)

  2. Thanks Grit. So what is happening on the Iowa bike scene?

  3. I think most of us are waiting for the winter to be over, as this one has worn out its welcome. Racer types are training, commuters are commuting when able, and kids are looping the blocks they live on. As for me, I'm riding gravel roads and enjoying the views before they change to mile after mile of corn and beans, or is it beans and corn? Both actually. Love the vintage stuff. Also, the depth of field on so many of your photos is exceptional. Love it!



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