Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The swan

Swansea. Williams and Fremantle

Hillbilly mud guard

The meeting was a formal affair with reading of minutes, treasurer's report and a bit of show and tell. 
The group are involved in a lot of activities; rides, shows and vintage shows. 
This coming Sunday they have planned the 'Tour de Rust'. We're going to have a look in a few guys' sheds. My plan is to have the camera fully charged! 
Anyhoo, then  there was an auction of a beautiful BROOKS saddle (black leather). It went for a huge $70.
Stashed against the wall were 4 old bikes. They had been brought in to clear room in somebody's shed and they also went up for auction. I picked up a Malvern Star (50's) for a fiver. Slight bend in the frame, but all I wanted was the bars. 
Then I scored this Swansea 3 speed. It's great tractor of a thing. One owner. I succumbed to the auctioneer and forked out all of $35.
Me thinks the mud guard was added to keep the bull-dust down.


Last night I attended my first 'Western Australian Historical Cycle Club' meeting. They're celebrating their first 10 years in 2009.
I was the youngest there by about 25 years, give or take. (Most of them could whip me round the block I reckon)There would have been 20 people  including  a couple of dedicated ladies. 

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