Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Kettler - Dixi

Nelly's just picked up this Kettler (German) Dixi. Has some sweet features.

Seat crack.

Beeza pedals!


Nelly found an old 'Olympic' track bike on a rubbish heap. It looked like it's been run over - shame. Salvageable: beautiful BSA pedal, front wheel and a Brooks saddle that just needs a quick buff.

Nelly's bike

Nelly at 'Off the Wall' (see post Jan 25th -older posts) is riding this crazy beast. Oh- those 'psycho' cats-eye Velocity rims! He's customized the bars himself. 

Yeah, don't be confused by his name. I refer back to post Jan 19 (older posts) re: boy/girl bike frame. Get used to it folks. In the 1970's we did it with girl/boy hair and soon, men who choose to ride girl's bikes will no longer be socially outcast! 

I may have to look into forming a support group.

Home-grown chopper

Check out the chopper extension here (outside the Freo traino). 
Click on image for a zoom.
The original forks are jammed into another set..... Bit of gaffa tape to patch the join and - VOILAH!

lawsuit funding