Saturday, January 24, 2009

Aidan's stage 2 b)

Aidan's stage 2 a)

Aidan's frame (see Jan. 18) has returned from a make-over. Had to fill a couple of small dents. Nothing a brother-in-law and some silver solder couldn't fix. We're messing with installing a coaster hub to a pre-loved wheel, finding a seat post etc. Still perplexed about substituting quick release front axle with nuts. Stay tuned for further adventures....

Kerry's work in progress - Bianchi

Kerry's Colnago

Kerry is reluctantly having a go at his 1st fixy (see work in progress). 
"I built my first bike last year- Colnago (above) . Not a genuine build because of the modern groupo but it came up ok and I love riding it. The wheels were dead easy, I just ordered them from the UK and they turned up in a box - all done."

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